The 5 steps to transforming your agency

Learn the 5 stages of transformation that you can apply to your business. Build an agency that you love.

Web agencies

Lee helps thousands of online agency owners across the world fall back in love with their businesses.

He runs a membership community for agency owners on Facebook, and hosts the Agency Trailblazer Podcast, which has over 12,000 downloads a month.

2020 see's the launch of the of the Digital Renaissance Podcast that will help local business owners engage in digital transformation and connect them with agencies within the community.


Agency Trailblazer Podcast

Many years ago Lee felt trapped by clients. He did not understand his value and worth. He struggled with his identity and he thought he wanted out of agency life.

This podcast focuses on helping agency owners build a business they can love. Through a combination of story telling an interviews this podcast will help you transform your agency.

What small achievable action will you engage with next?

Event organisers

Co-founder of Event Engine, Lee and the team have developed a cutting edge event website platform powered by WordPress. In 2020 Lee's development house adapted cutting edge open source technology to add video and audio virtual event functionality to the platform.

Alongside his business partner Tim Davies, Lee is developing brands within the events industry to help organisers cut through all the noise, so they can develop clear martech strategies.


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