I'm Lee Matthew Jackson

I partner with SMEs to find their voice and craft podcasts that elevate their brand.

80’s baby, family man, podcaster and Disney fan. On any given day, you’ll find me creating content, planning events or writing my next book. Get to know me more:

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This is me :)

My story so far

Bullied at school, I was the nerd who learned to code in the library, did terrible on his exams, found his self confidence in college and promptly dropped out to start his own business.

The late 90s was an awesome time to be a web developer. Local businesses knew they had to start embracing the information super highway, otherwise known as: “internet“.

For some reason, they placed their trust in me, a cocky teenager to help them! And for a few years I carved out a niche building sites for local antique shops, and helping them sell their products on eBay.

During that time I met my future wife, and I squandered any profits trying to impress her. (It worked, we’ve been together 23 years).

Fast forward to the late 00s early 10s, past my failed first business and several IT jobs. I was now co-owner at an agency which was struggling. The recession had done it’s work and we were facing closure.

Four questions helped us turn things around, and our success allowed me to co-found Event Engine.

2015 saw the launch of Trailblazer FM with a mission to build a community of agency owners who could learn and grow together. By 2019 we launched our first conference and Agency Transformation Live has become my flagship event.

In 2023 I branched out and began helping other businesses launch podcasts and thus the story continues!

That was the short version of a long story. To engage with me today, explore my brands below…

Explore my brands

Each of my brands is designed to serve, educate and build community. Dive into the one that aligns with your journey and let’s connect…

Trailblazer FM

Podcast and YouTube channel featuring expert interviews and education targeted at web agencies.

Guiding agencies through each phase of transformation with clear, achievable actions.

Event Engine

SaaS platform tailored for Professional Conference and Exhibition Organisers.

With a drag-and-drop builder, pre-made design templates, and integrated data capture forms, Event Engine transforms the way teams showcase their events. Seamlessly integrate with third-party marketing apps to maximize the event’s reach.

Event Engine doesn’t just build websites; it cultivates and grows event communities.


Event Engine Podcast

Launched in response to lockdown in order to help event organisers switch to virtual events.

The podcast continues to explore what running and marketing an event looks like post-pandemic especially in the dawn of AI.


Agency Transformation Live

The go-to UK conference for WordPress agencies. Focused on developing realistic growth plans, it offers attendees the chance to network and foster valuable relationships.

The event boasts expert speakers, hands-on workshops, and mastermind sessions.

Ideal for WordPress agency owners and partners eager to nurture their business and connect with peers.


Latest content

I’ll be sharing perspectives from my personal experience, as well as no doubt random blogs on my hobbies and interests… Heck. this site is all about me right, so the blog will do doubt start to reflect that over time.

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