The mission is better lives, not wallets

Blog image: A family playing crafts at the table.
Photo by Boxed Water Is Better on Unsplash

Chatting with friends can be super helpful in understanding our own thoughts better and lead to mind-blowing revelations. My own mind is so often clouded with thoughts, and it’s hard to get clarity.

When we’re just having a casual conversation without overthinking it, we tend to articulate ourselves pretty darned well! Complex ideas and thought processes that have been bumbling around our minds seem to fall in place, and we are able to get them out in the open.

As you bounce small snippets of information between each other, things you say and responses from your friend can really help connect the dots.

This happened to me again today. I had an incredible chat with my good friend Ian about our brands and pricing for our communities and courses.

We both shared that we wanted to be accessible and affordable – not trying to squeeze every penny out of our audience but rather helping them make positive changes in their businesses. We talked about how some online influencers seem detached from the real world; they make big claims, tell folks they can charge huge amounts of money, and promise a globe-trotting lifestyle.

There’s nothing wrong with aiming high, but most people have so much to juggle that throwing that sort of pressure on them isn’t going to help!

We understand what it’s like for people who are struggling financially or need help leveling up their business. We’re not interested in making wild claims as influencers do; instead, we aim to offer practical advice based on real-life situations.

A better life isn’t something you’ll have after hustling hard in order to become a millionaire. It is something you can start to develop right now.

Something clicked

During our chat, something clicked – I sent Ian the following voice note that perfectly summed up my mission:

I’m not helping rich people get richer. I’m helping normal, everyday people who have to think twice about spending money. Helping them get a better quality of life, more time with their family, less stress, and better control of their business.

So, it’s not about me. It’s not about me trying to sell high-ticket things to make my bottom line better. I’m already covered. My own agency earns me a really good salary. I don’t have to worry.

Therefore, Trailblazer FM is focused on helping real people achieve real results that will, in reality, help them have a better life rather than making big, bold promises that very often don’t actually happen.

What it unlocked

This one voice note helped unlock the vision I have for my brand, and my audience. It encapsulated my core belief: it’s about enhancing lives, not just wallets.

Ian’s response was golden. He pointed out I’d just shared my life’s mission in a 60 second recording!

My brand is all about achieving tangible results by offering actual strategies based on experience.

I believe small achievable actions lead to significant change. Overwhelmed agency owners won’t benefit from massive courses or countless hours spent on social media—they need manageable steps that will genuinely impact their business in a positive way.

The people I am helping don’t want to burden themselves with huge expectations, only to be disappointed when they can’t keep pushing and feel they’ve fallen short.

This chat with Ian helped me realise who exactly I want to help more than ever – web agency owners juggling family life!

They might have debt or feel like they’re working non-stop just so they can take care of their loved ones. Their team mean the world to them, and they want to be able to pay them a living wage, and have a healthy work life culture.

So there you have it—two key takeaways from this natter with Ian: firstly, identifying my true mission and target audience, and secondly appreciating how valuable conversations with trusted friends can be in helping us navigate life’s journey, and unlock the tangle of thoughts we have inside.

Thank you Ian!